Training diary of a volunteer – Sessions 5 & 6

Volunteering with us is a great way to contribute to the community while gaining some serious self-satisfaction – believe us, there’s nothing more enhancing that helping people and seeing your work make a real difference.

But what about the training to become a volunteer counsellor? We asked one of our trainees, Libby Clifton (pictured), to make a diary for us, to explain her thoughts and feelings throughout the process.

In the third of five instalments, Libby talks about how she managed to get by in training after missing sessions five and six.

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I was genuinely sad to miss the sessions. Northampton Rape Crisis were very understanding and advised me to buddy up with a peer who could inform me about the sessions afterwards, which was extremely kind of her.

I read through sessions five and six and the BACP factsheet on Working with Suicidal clients in the Counselling Professions which was reflected in the notes for session six.

My peer informed me that the trainees were all asked to consider their personal views on suicide, which I found very useful. Reading the BACP Factsheet on suicide and the exercise above prepares you for working with clients who have either attempted suicide in the past or are exploring their thoughts with you whilst in your sessions.

This part of the training has been indispensable now I am working with clients.

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