Our vision is a County where women and girls, men and boys can be free from the fear and experience of sexual violence, rape and sexual abuse.

We do this in two ways

  • through the provision of a wide range of support, information, advocacy and counselling services
  • through promoting community education and research into all forms of sexual violence

Current Campaigns 


Shout Up! asks everyone to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment, making our bars, pubs and clubs safer places for women and men.  If you are a venue find out more about Shout-Up! and how to get your venue involved. If you’re on a night out find out more about accredited Shout Up! venues.


Justice for Gaia

Gaia’s Manifesto, is a series of regional and national demands that cover policing, mental health and social support. Gaia is no longer here to tell her story and demand change but we believe in a survivor-led movement and want to help make sure survivors’ voices are being heard. Find out ways you can take action.


Reclaim the Night

Reclaim the Night is an annual march, held across the country, to raise our collective voices against sexual violence and harassment. This event, taking place on 25th November 2022, will mark the beginning of 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. The following 2 weeks will include events in our Shout-Up! venues across Northamptonshire.