Client Service Feedback or Complaints

Please contact the office by email at [email protected] or call 01604 250721 and you will be provided with further information

Supporter Fundraising Feedback or Complaints

Northamptonshire Rape Crisis (NRC) is committed to undertaking fundraising activities in line with the Fundraising Regulator’s Promise to be legal, open, honest and respectful with regard to all our fundraising activities. 

NRC adheres to the legal and best practice standards set out in the Code of Fundraising Practice.

We acknowledge that there may be occasions when people may not be happy with some aspect of fundraising. Our Fundraising Complaints Procedure sets out how to take up matters you think are unsatisfactory about the service you receive from us.

All fundraising complaints will be taken seriously and we aim to treat you with respect and consideration throughout the complaints process.

If you wish to make a fundraising complaint in the first instance, please contact us directly. If you are making a complaint about a member of staff or fundraising volunteer our organisational Complaints Procedure will be followed. If a member of staff or volunteer has concerns that are not being responded to they can refer to Northamptonshire Rape Crisis’ Whistleblowing Policy.

Fundraising Complaints procedure:

Preliminary Stage – Stage 1

Where your concern or complaint relates to Fundraising you should initially contact the NRC office in writing and direct your complaint to the Fundraising Manager:


A written complaint will be acknowledged within 5 working days of receipt and you will be sent a copy of our Fundraising Complaints Policy.

We will aim to deal with your complaint within 10 working days. If for any reason we cannot do this, we will keep you informed, you will receive a response within four weeks. 

Stage 2: If you are unsatisfied with the outcome and wish to make a formal complaint, you can raise a complaint directly with our CEO.

Stage 3: If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of an investigation by the CEO, the CEO will refer the Complaint to the Board of Trustees Panel, sending copies of all written correspondence to Panel members.

If you are not satisfied with the response from the Trustees and their actions do not meet your concerns, you will need to take the complaint further to either the Charities Commission or the Fundraising Regulator. You will be informed at Stage Two the organisation that is the most relevant for the nature of the complaint, and information on their contact details. If raising your concern with the Fundraising Regulator they advise that this is within two months of receiving a final response from the Charity.

For more information on raising complaints at Stage 3 of our process, or making a complaint directly to an independent regulatory body, please visit

Stage 4

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome from the Charities Commission or Fundraising Regulator, you can appeal the decision. Information on this will be provided to you by the independent regulatory body. NRC agrees to abide by the decisions made by the Fundraising Regulator and Charities Commission.

Acting on Results

NRC will ensure that learnings from any complaints are acted upon to enable us to improve our fundraising procedures and activities going forward.